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Her Majesty Episode 3 (Love Story)

ALEX: U see this kinda people, just give them the respect and walk away. I know the king of Bwambe is a bit horrible but hw comes his brother is kinda gentle. Anyways that's their business, Zaki come and gum this shoes for me. While talking to his wife and Zaki, Mr Alex received an alart, he quickly unlocked his phone and saw the sum of 15000. What! Mami come and see what that man send.

Mr Alex gave his wife 5000 and gave 3000 to Zaki as their own share of the cake.


Zaki went to visit his friend Clara whom he once helped with project work. Clara was so happy to see Zaki as such she gave him a warmed welcome. While having a peaceful conversation, Clara quickly asked Zaki if he would like to work in a royal home as a chef with a good pay.

Zaki told her he'll think about it and get back to her later in the evening because him and his Mom are thinking of opening a Shawarma spot. Zaki took his leave so as to go help his Mom with some house chores.

The next six days, Zaki followed Clara holding his CV and dressed like a true applicant. They were denied to enter the Palace so she picked her phone, called her Uncle whom has been a driver and took them in. They waited for like 2 hours before gaining access to see the Queen.

QUEEN: Gentleman and Lady, how can I help you?

CLARA: May you live long your Majesty. Ma, concerning the Job vacancy that was advertised in the palace. My friend here Zaki is fully interested.

ZAKI: Yes your Majesty, My name is Zaki Alex, this is my CV. I've been a chef since in my mother's womb.

QUEEN: Smile's  you are a funny young man. give me some seconds. Phone ring... Hello princess, Yes you can take it. better still come down and see some kinda Applicants.

PRINCESS: Mom, since he claimed to be good just give him the opportunity let's see what he can offer.

QUEEN: My son, even your CV speaks volumes of u. Though u did not attended further ur studies. Congratulations u've gotten the job. Our salary scale for a start is 70,000 for chefs, u're nw two so u will share the duties amongst u.

Zaki was so excited because he never saw this coming his way. leaving the Palace, he went straight to the shop and broke the news to his Parents. They were so happy and later followed with an advice. Mami told him to be careful and watchful because all manners of setup can be found in the Palace. "We're happy for u our son".

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