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Her Majesty Episode 2 (Love Story)

One evening, Alex and his wife Jani were at the shop, Jani was busy helping her husband to gum and file some shoes to finished when a man brought about 12 different pears of shoes for shining. "Wow this must be a rich man, look at his car and the quality of his shoes set" says Alex to his wife.

ALEX: Oga please you can come in and have a sit. Mama zaki please can you help get us maltina from Zira's shop across, I'll see him later.

The man came in with his potbelly and sat inside. Mama zaki brought the drink and served him. This man smiled and thank Mrs Zaki with a thumbs up while he continue to press his mobile phone.


Zaki arrived with a black leather at hand, calling his Mom to come take some cakes which him and his friends were contacted to go bake.

MAMA ZAKI: My son you're back, come meet me inside I'm not going to work today i say let me help my handsome husband do some work.

ZAKI: Mami who's that big man sitting on the other side cause he's holding an expensive phone and I saw a lot of new shoes Dad is shining.

MAMA ZAKI: Yes those are his shoes. I too don't know him ooo maybe he's a new customer.

Immediately, Zaki went straight and say hi to him, but he responded with a thumbs up so Zaki entered a conversation with his Dad Alex and Zaki was just telling him a lot about how his day went in the world of baking he was contacted for. His Mom boasted with laugh when he spoke about a lady whom steered at him from his beginning till the end of his work which made him felt uncomfortable.

That also caught the very customer's attention to ask him what's his name.

Zaki responded, the man kept his phone and they established a gist on young ladies with lack of focus.

On leaving the shop, the customer later introduced himself. My name is Tadi, younger brother to the king of Bwambe I must confess that you've an intelligent boy Mr Alex. Give me your account details I'll make you a transfer on my way.

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