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Her Majesty Episode 1 (Love story)

Oga Alex and his only son Zaki were into making of shoes in a small town called Bwambe. They seems to be Talented till almost the whole people around the town knew about their dexterity. Alex got married to his wife Jani also known as Mama Zaki whom later got an empowerment of sweeping that street by the state government. 
Alex had one of the peaceful families in the entire Bwambe. Jani when closed from work, she would go prepare some food and take it to her husband and her adorable child Zaki at work, she'll have to wait until the closing hours. They would later trek down gisting and laughing while going home in the evening.
Zaki the only child to Alex, was so brilliant that nobody can top him in class. he graduated from the popular polytechnic around where her studied catering and due to the limited financial resources he was unable to further his education so he joined his Dad to improve his business of Making and selling of shoes. He was so committed to the extent of innovating an idea of visiting offices and the homes of the rich in the community in other to market their products.
Mama Zaki never seems to associate herself with them Association of Gossip Women (AGW) in the society because she always believe that in all she do, her precious family comes first. she prefer spending her whole free time in her Husband's shop.

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