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Real Names:Nehemiah Stephen
Stage Name:Nemmy LV

Nehemiah Stephen popularlly known as Nemmy LV is an afro pop singer and a rapper from north side Nigeria Gombe state.
Superstar Nemmy LV is also currently studying at university of maiduguri offered english and literary studies as a course of studies. He is also known as Nemmy lv Small boy with the mighty God.

He is an artist that is consistent, dedicative and super b when it comes to music. He attended several paid and non paid event in several states, especially Gombe and Maiduguri. He is also known by his energetic performances and energy he delivers when it comes to events. Which why he is currently a hot cake in some parts of Northern Nigeria.
Y'all should look up to Nemmy because he is going to dominate the Nigeria music industry soon.


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